Training Opportunities

Work Incentives Benefits Counseling 101

Want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of benefits and work incentives? Please feel free to visit the Paths to Employment Resource Center (PERC) website for a FREE webinar on work incentives


Work Incentive Seminar Events (WISE): Helping Beneficiaries Make Informed Decisions About Work

If you are interested in learning about the Ticket to Work Program or other Work Incentives, you can attend a FREE Work Incentive Seminar Event (WISE). WISE are community events held by local organizations for beneficiaries to learn more about available work incentives through accessible, informal, learning opportunities. The information is also available via webinar. Local Work Incentive Planning and Assistance projects will be hosting a series of events in the upcoming months-please click on the link below to find an event near you. 

For more information or to sign up for a WISE event in your area, visit


General Disability-Related Training

The Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI) offers online training opportunities with pre-approved CRC credits. Courses currently offered 2-3 times per year include the following:

· Rehabilitation Ethics (fulfills CRC’s entire ethics requirement)

· Physical Disabilities

· Psychiatric Disabilities

· CRC Exam Preparation Workshop


For more information please visit for more information on courses and registration. Please check back regularly as courses on work incentives and benefits counseling have been offered in the past and it's highly likely that they will be offered again. 


Helpful Links

SSA Work Incentive Planning & Assistance (WIPA)


The Social Security Administration's (SSA) Red Book on Work Incentives


Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The federal Rehabilitation Services Administration partners with states to provide vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities who want to work. The programs provide a wide range of services designed to help individuals with disabilities prepare for and engage in gainful employment consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice.


Work Incentives Benefits Specialists Association (WIBSA)


Disability Benefits 101 Calculator


New Hampshire Work Incentives Resource Center (WIRC)


Minnesota Work Incentives Connection


VCU’s Work Incentive Planning & Assistance National Training Center


CARF Employment & Community Services Accreditation