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 What is NADBS?

As a division of the National Rehabilitation Association, the National Association of Disability Benefits Specialists (NADBS) offers practitioners the unique opportunity to take an active role in increasing understanding and development of this critically important new rehabilitation discipline.



  • Helping develop a specific body of knowledge and skills in this field  
  • Working to disseminate new information
  • Encouraging and stimulating pragmatic research and enlightened inquiry
  • Promoting student learning and development in the field

What is Benefits Counseling?

"A set of strategies, services and supports to provide accurate information on public benefits and how those benefits are affected by employment. The goal of benefits counseling is to promote work preparation, attachment, and advancement.  Benefits counseling is focused on increasing self-sufficiency of consumers of SSI/SSDI through informed choice, which may result in decreased reliance on public benefit programs and increased financial well being"

- Golden, O'Mara, Ferrell, & Sheldon (2000)